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All prices are in Euros and include Finnish tax / alv. 24%.

Please choose your pieces carefully as we are unable to offer order cancellations, refunds or exchanges due to the delicate nature of the items been made by ordering / been made by customers specific measurements / item been a bespoke order.

If you have any concerns please do contact us before ordering.

We try to ensure that all items listed are described and photographed as accurately as possible to show the intricate details of the piece.

Please ensure you read the listing properly, noting dimensions and colors.  If you aren’t sure whether a piece will color match your gown,

please get in touch and I can mail you a free fabric swatch. Or if you have any concerns please do not hesitate ask, always happy to help!

By purchasing an item from AINO, it is assumed that you have read and understand the item description,

information provided on the production and shipping time and agree with the terms and conditions.

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 Bridal Hair Adornments

Artisan Silk Ribbons & Bespoke.