Bespoke Silk or Cotton Weave Napkins

12,00 €Price
  • -  Unfinished edge napkins with organic hues add a special layer of texture and warmth to your tablescape in any occasions 

    - Made from natural silk or soft cotton weave 

    - Custom colored to your preference 


    Please contact for price quote based on your individual needs

    - Prising starts from 12€ per napking 



    Please note:
    -as all the colors are botanical it is possible there are some imperfections in the product. This means the shades can slightly vary or there might be some "discoloration" .
    - if the product needs to be washed, please hand wash carefully with PH-natural soap


    * Image Katri Haavisto Photography 

    * Floral design Johanna Pauliina Design

    * Location Villa Promenade

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