Gris charbon ( grey ) - Artisan Silk Ribbon

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  • About our silk ribbons

    • colour Gris charbon ( grey )
    •  artisan made silk ribbon 
    •  naturally dyed with botanical dyes, no chemicals
    • natural 100% silk habotai
    •  bias cut ribbon with lacer cut sides, please note bias cut ribbon has seam in every 2m or 3m
    •  in length of 3 m. If you would like to have more than 3 meters in continues length, please contact us first
    • available in 1.5cm and 5cm width
    • arrives folded on cotton rag paper, wooden spools can be bought separately


    Please note

    • as all the colours are botanical it is possible there are some imperfections in the ribbons. This means the shades can slightly vary or there might be some "discoloration" 
    •  as the ribbons are made from delicate natural material they are not designed for rough use, the ribbons sides can come undone
    • please note bias cut ribbon has a seam in every 2m
    • if the ribbons needs to be washed, please hand wash carefully with PH-natural soap

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