Lush beaded blossom hair vine

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    Whimsical floral details, shimmering pearls and delicate beading, all hand-woven into one poetic piece. This is your bohemian look, amplified.


    - Handcrafted and carefully woven from the finest crystals, freshwater pearls and glass beads and Swarovski elements, this opulent headpiece features a delicate scattering of fine floral buds and blossoms
    - Can be worn across the forehead, as a headband or at the back of the head
    - Flexible and bendable
    - Available in gold , rose gold or silver mixed with ivory and light blush and peach tones

    - Atteched to 2 metal wire combs

    - Size 30 cm or 11.8" in length
    - Handcrafted using traditional millinery tools and techniques
    - Finnish made


    This item is made by order and is ready to ship 1 to 2 weeks time. Please note creation time dos not include shipment time. 


    These shipment times are only a guideline to give you an estimate time: Finland 3-5 workdays

    EU + non EU countries 5-8 workdays

    United Kingdom 5-8 workdays 

    United States 7-10 workdays

    Canada 7-10 workdays

    Australia 7-10 workdays


    Photography - Katri Haavisto Photography
    Creative direction & styling Blankcanvas - Satu Maaria
    Model - Lotta
    Hair - Irene Yazz Hair 
    Makeup - Petra Satokangas 
    Hair Adornment - AINO
    Bridal dress - Heidi Tuisku
    Florals - BLOMMA creatives
    Venue - Private Residence

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